Wines of the Algarve

Because of its exceptional climate, its soil and its south-facing location, the Algarve has what is known in specialist wine terminology as an excellent terroir for growing vines. For this reason, the Tartessians are thought to have been the first people to produce wine in the region in about 2000 B.C. They were followed by others, from the Phoenicians to Greeks and from the Celts to the Romans, who, when they brought Christianity to the … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to Visit the Algarve

When one thinks about the Algarve, it's inevitable thinking of beautiful images of gorgeous white sand beaches and warm clear waters... The sunshine and clear blue sky, whitewashed houses with their terraces and chimneys. Algarve is the southmost region of Portugal, washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and it's all about sunshine all year round and top quality sandy beaches preserved by Nature.Algarve is a perfect holiday or vacation … [Read more...]

Algarve holidays, when, where and how

The Algarve region is certainly Portugals’ most popular tourism destination; it’s like a post-card picture attracting families, couples and golfers to its fabulous beaches, picturesque and cosy villages, quality hotels and first-class golf facilities. Located on the South-most of the country looking into the Atlantic Ocean with a Mediterranean breeze, the Algarve boasts a wonderful climate and weather conditions, offering hot dry Summers and warm … [Read more...]

Algarve Guide: Things to do in June

It's June and the Summer starts to pick up. All over the Algarve the temperature is in average now 30 degrees Celsius and the beaches start to come back to live. Nevertheless this month all the attentions will be turned to Tavira, as the city hosts once again its popular Saints festivities until the 24th of June, which will be the official day of the city.Among the traditional music and gastronomy available trough all the Tavira city … [Read more...]

1st Gastronomic week: Flavours of the Algarve

Eighty restaurants are participating in a brand new initiative called "Sabores do Algarve" ("Flavours of the Algarve"). Anyone who fancies sampling Algarvean delicacies prepared especially for the occasion is sure to find their mouth watering. Organised by the Algarve Tourist Board, the nine-day event is intended to showcase the region's traditional wine and cuisine. Discover the Algarve at a table near you from the 6th to the 14th of … [Read more...]