Aljezur is located in the westernmost coast of the Algarve. In a small quiet village dominated by a tenth-century Arab castle where visitors can observe a panoramic view of sea and mountains. It was founded in the 10th century by the Arabs, who remained long time in the region, leaving customs and traditions that remained after the Christian reconquest and survived to this day.

With a diverse natural heritage, Aljezur is an alternative to tourism massification of the Algarve, providing moments of discovery and adventure in a natural "wild" environment where unique animal and plant species prevail. Outside the town, it’s hard to decide what is more appealing: the countryside or the coastline. You will have to decide between the opportunity to admire wild boar, foxes and badgers in their natural habitat or enjoy the rich marine life, the numerous species of local and migrating birds and the beautiful mix of virgin beaches and peaceful river valleys.

The town of Aljezur was built and split among the two margins of the river that crosses it. During the 18th century there were cases of Malaria, and the split was a necessary measure to prevent a mass spread of the decease to the whole population. This fact crafted Aljezur as a town of two halves. The municipality is divided in 4 main parishes: Aljezur, Bordeira, Odeceixe and Rogil

Bordeira, Aljezur
Bordeira Beach - photo credits (cc) Luis Ascenso

Amoreira, Aljezur
Amoreira Beach - photo credits (cc) go_freyer

Arrifana, Aljezur
Strand Arrifana - photo credits (cc) d_vdm