Typical Weather in the Algarve

With a magnificent climate, the Algarve weather boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year and little rainfall, which allows residents and visitors enjoy the many outdoor activities the area has to offer. Strongly influenced by the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans, as well as its proximity to North Africa, the Algarve enjoys mild winters with little rain and dry hot summers.

Algarve Spring

Spring is an excellent time for holidays in the Algarve, especially from May, when temperatures soar to almost summer levels, reaching over 28°C. Between March and April temperatures experienced in Algarve are between 18 and 20°C in the shade, and between 20 and 30°C in the sun.

Algarve Summer

The summer months (June to September) are the hottest months of the year, and here visitors can enjoy an average of 12 hours of sunshine a day and practically no rain. Temperatures experienced in the Algarve in the summer months can reach 35°C, but fortunately the coastal breezes tend to make the high temperatures much more tolerable. Night time temperatures are on average above 20°C.

Algarve Autumn

Autumn is a great time to visit the Algarve, with an average temperature slightly milder than the ones in the height of summer, around 20 degrees Celsius in the shade, and between 25°C to 35°C in the sun. With so nice temperatures, is not uncommon to find people on the beach enjoying the October and November sun. It is also at this time that golfers come from all over the world, for their annual golf getaway.

Algarve Winter

The winter months (November to February) are the coldest months of the year, with temperatures between 9°C and 16°C, and occasional periods of rain. It is in January and February, when the Algarve fields are transformed and covered by a magnificent white and pink mantle, resulting from many blossoming almond trees that are typical in the region.

Average Monthly Temperatures

MonthAvg. LowAvg. HighAvg. Sun hoursRainfallSea Temp.
Jan6ºC (43ºF)16ºC (61ºF)5h8.5 cm (3.3 in)14ºC (57ºF)
Feb7ºC (45ºF)18ºC (64ºF)6h2.5 cm (0.9 in)14ºC (57ºF)
Mar9ºC (48ºF)21ºC (70ºF)7h4.0 cm (1.6 in)16ºC (61ºF)
Apr11ºC (52ºF)23ºC (73ºF)9h3.8 cm (1.5 in)16ºC (61ºF)
May14ºC (57ºF)25ºC (77ºF)12h3.2 cm (1.2 in)17ºC (63ºF)
Jun17ºC (63ºF)28ºC (82ºF)12h1.1 cm (0.4 in)19ºC (66ºF)
Jul19ºC (66ºF)33ºC (91ºF)12h0.5 cm (0.2 in)20ºC (68ºF)
Aug19ºC (66ºF)32ºC (90ºF)12h0.1 cm (0.03 in)21ºC (70ºF)
Sept17ºC (63ºF)29ºC (84ºF)9h5.8 cm (2.3 in)21ºC (70ºF)
Oct14ºC (57ºF)25ºC (77ºF)7h5.7 cm (2.2 in)19ºC (66ºF)
Nov11ºC (52ºF)20ºC (68ºF)6h7.2 cm (2.8 in)17ºC (63ºF)
Dec9ºC (48ºF)17ºC (63ºF)5h11.7 cm (4.6 in)15ºC (59ºF)