Tourist Attractions: What to See and Do

The Algarve is a garden, as its own name translation from Arab (al-gharb) suggests, and it's one of the favorite destinations for the Portuguese and by many tourists. The main attractions are its beaches, with small rugged coves on the west coast, and large beaches on the east coast and the water is mostly warm throughout the year. But the region is also full of history marked by old bridges, charismatic churches, imponent castles and city walls.

The Algarve is also the ideal place for golf and water sports with some of the best golf courses and beaches for surfing and windsurfing. For family fun there are several water parks in Algarve, including Aqualand, Slide and Splash or Zoomarine. You can also visit one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal: the Ria Formosa -- a protected area where you can experience great nature tourism activities and tours.

Usually time is the only constraint “so much to see, so little time” so I’ll give you a heads up of some good scenic spots to start with; then it’s up to you to find your way. The best way to move around is to rent a small car, a GPS and get lost trough roads and paths… At the end of the day list all the places you’ve been to and mark them on a map so you can plan the next day adventure. The recommendation is to see as much as possible; you will find every little bit of it delightful.