Being a region mostly dependent from the sea and its beaches, the Algarve has a notorious number of Lighthouses and view points, some of them still operate after centuries of continuous service.

Starting with the Cabo de S. Vicente Lighthouse, located at the West-most point of Sagres is one of Europe’s biggest lighthouses operating since 1846, it’s a famous attraction and the Portuguese Navy included in it a small museum in order to give everyone the insights on how it operates and evolved trough the years.

Travelling a bit to East, and around 2Km from Lagos, you will find another Lighthouse at Ponta da Piedade. This one, built in 1913, offers a privileged sightseeing of the ocean and the natural cliffs.

Between Faro and Olhão, and in what is known to be the South-most point of Portugal is Santa Maria Lighthouse. Built in 1851, and sitting in a very sandy area close to the sea, this 46m tall Lighthouse is surrounded by fishermen houses giving it a colorful background.

Arriving to Vila Real de Santo António and just about 15Km from Spain, you will fin the East-most lighthouse in Portugal. Unlike the other Lighthouses, this one isn’t located right by the sea, and is separated from it with a large field of Pine trees. With a beautiful architecture, this Lighthouse, although it was planned in 1866, was only built around 1916 and started operating around 1923. Due to its location when in operation the Lighthouse enlightens the whole beach in front of it making it a rather romantic place to be.