Rally de Portugal will come to Algarve in 2014

The internationally known Rally de Portugal will come to Algarve in 2014. The event was very close to moving to the North of Portugal, and only the alleged lack of interest of Porto City Hall, in agreeing to a 3 years commitment prevented this from happening.photo credits rallydeportugal.ptLast year (2013), São Brás de Alportel and Tavira stayed out of the event -- two of the municipalities that hosted the Rally of Portugal, and that … [Read more...]

Reveillon 2011-2012 New Year’s Eve in the Algarve

Thinking about doing something different for Christmas or New Year’s? Then you should see what’s happening right here in the Algarve. Although tourists know us better for our summer parties…truth is, we like to have fun all year round, and start getting ready for the holidays in late October, early November -- when food, drinking and festivities are involved one can never start too early! So, you can rest assured there will be many holiday … [Read more...]

1st Gastronomic week: Flavours of the Algarve

Eighty restaurants are participating in a brand new initiative called "Sabores do Algarve" ("Flavours of the Algarve"). Anyone who fancies sampling Algarvean delicacies prepared especially for the occasion is sure to find their mouth watering. Organised by the Algarve Tourist Board, the nine-day event is intended to showcase the region's traditional wine and cuisine. Discover the Algarve at a table near you from the 6th to the 14th of … [Read more...]