Webcam Martinhal Beach

Sagres is the Westmost point in the Algarve Region and is known as the harbour from where the Portuguese would depart explorig for unknown continents.

Martinhal Beach Webcam

Praia do Martinhal it’s known by its calm waters, although it is a popular place for windsurfing. Diving is another popular activity in this beach where you can make a subaquatic tour of the small surrounding islands famous by its rocky formations and underwater caves. The cliffs in front of the sandy area are extremely beautiful, providing the visitor with charming nooks, grottos and caves.

It’s essentially a sandy beach, with tall dunes in the centre. You will find here also ruins from an important pottery roman centre, and in the small islands, traces of tanks used to salt fish. Going to the West you will find Praia dos Rebolinhos, named after the rounded stones that can be found here, it’s mostly a desert beach accessible by foot only through the touristic complex located in the area.

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