Wines of the Algarve

Because of its exceptional climate, its soil and its south-facing location, the Algarve has what is known in specialist wine terminology as an excellent terroir for growing vines. For this reason, the Tartessians are thought to have been the first people to produce wine in the region in about 2000 B.C. They were followed by others, from the Phoenicians to Greeks and from the Celts to the Romans, who, when they brought Christianity to the Peninsula, introduced wine into the communion liturgy because it was a product regarded by the church as pure and uncorrupted.

Portuguese wine is among the world’s famous wines like French wine, with this comprehensive guide you will be able to discover some of the hidden gems of traditional Portuguese wine.

Download the Algarve Wine Guide (3240 downloads) .


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    Great article! Living in Portugal for 14 years we can definitely agree that the Portuguese wines can compare with the French. Thanks for the download.

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